Manage your entire Fluid Management
with just one software

FLUDIS covers all practice-relevant topics and impresses with its wide range of functions, user-friendliness, scalability and low implementation costs.


  • Multi-client capability ensures independent data protection-compliant support for several customers or company divisions
  • Company logo in the software, on QR/barcode labels and reports
  • Language can be switched between German and English
  • Creation of user groups and accounts and assignment of authorizations
  • Change log for the traceability of data record changes made by individual users

Core functions

Guaranteed execution of regular work 

Reliable planning of work orders
  • Seamless planning of all regular work (measurements, coolant service, lubrication, cleaning, etc.)
  • Mapping of all maintenance intervals through a variety of possible combinations
  • Optional consideration of early or late work order execution when calculating the follow-up date
  • Assignment of employees with special expertise to corresponding work orders
  • Possibility of performance-based billing
  • Printing of customizable labels (barcode, QR code) or data sheets or test plans for attachment to the machine
  • Automatic notifications about upcoming work orders in advance

Structured work order processing

Manage work orders effectively
  • Automatic creation of planned work orders before or on the due date
  • Manual work order creation and release for targeted work order control
  • Creation of work orders from recorded notifications
  • Quick overview of the processing status of work orders thanks to various order statuses
  • Documentation of work results, measured values and consumption quantities as well as storage of files such as checklists, laboratory reports or photos for the work order
  • Consideration of unfinished work orders
  • Immediate recognition of overdue work orders as well as exceeded or fallen short of limit values through distinctive symbols and signal colors
  • Automatic notifications about work order processing or limit value violations

Reliable data acquisition and support for work order processing 

Securely document work results at the place of use
  • Secure identification of machine components and materials using barcodes, QR codes or RFID tags
  • Processing of planned jobs and documentation of unplanned work with condition values and material consumption directly at the work site
  • Presentation of the work orders to be processed in a structured overview, additional filtering by time period and priority
  • Immediate notification during work order processing if limit values are exceeded or not reached, as well as necessary measures and important information
  • Storage of photos for the order
  • Current and historical information on the machines can be called up

Reliable information transfer 

Record fault messages and work order requests in detail
  • Documentation of reports directly on site with storage of photos taken
  • Quick overview of the processing status of your notifications thanks to various work order statuses
  • Immediate identification of overdue or unprocessed notifications using signal colors
  • Automatic messages about the work order processing of notifications

Sufficient stock levels 

Manage stock levels clearly
  • Create your own warehouses and specify listed materials
  • Record receipts, withdrawals, stock corrections and transfers
  • Optional specification of consumption allocation (e.g. machine component, cost center) for withdrawals
  • Storage of associated documents such as material consignment notes
  • Immediate recognition of undercutting of minimum and reorder levels through signal colors
  • Creation of purchase orders for suppliers, receipts for incoming goods and delivery bills for outgoing deliveries
  • Maintaining batch information such as batch number and expiration date

Cost transparency, process optimization, proof of work 

Create meaningful reports in no time at all
  • Over 25 professional and informative standard reports are available
  • Reports can be saved in various formats (e.g. PDF, XLS, XLSX, JPG...)
  • Customize the standard reports to your own requirements or create new reports with the integrated designer
  • Storage of filter options for simplified report generation
  • Automatic sending of reports by e-mail

Information security through immediate access in the shortest possible time 

Store documents centrally and retrieve them on the move
  • Storage and organization of any documents
  • (e.g. operating instructions, safety data sheets, logs) at a central storage location
  • Stored documents can be linked to machines, machine components, materials, etc.
  • Stored documents can be opened for viewing directly at the place of use
  • Integrated editors for Word and Excel files and viewers for PDF files

Prevention of cost-intensive system downtimes and production losses 

Keep an eye on everything
  • Display of important key information directly after starting the program on the start page:
    • Overdue work orders
    • Messages (e.g. fault messages)
    • Machine status (traffic light system)
    • Direct access to the relevant data via the displayed elements
    • Status values exceeding or falling below limit values
    • Underruns of minimum and signal levels
    • Anomalies in the consumption of monitored materials
    • Direct access to the relevant data via the elements shown
    • Material consumption and activities compared to the previous period
    • Expiry of stock levels
    • ...
  • Direct access to the relevant data via the displayed elements
  • Adaptation of the start page elements to your own requirements

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