The software system for
professional Fluid Management

FLUDIS is the most functional and comprehensive software system for supporting Fluid Management and is used in various industries by small, medium-sized companies as well as internationally active corporations. It covers all relevant topics and convinces with functionality, usability and low implementation effort in an existing IT infrastructure.

FLUDIS helps modern companies to design an economically optimal, legally compliant (TRGS 611, BGR 143) and environmentally compatible Fluid Management. 

With FLUDIS you plan and monitor work orders, document measured values as well as consumption quantities and manage material stocks. In addition, FLUDIS also enables the documentation of maintenance tasks and the creation of meaningful reports for process optimization and billing.
Work order processing and documentation of work results are carried out effectively and reliably with mobile data collection devices directly at the operation location.

Core functions

Client management

Manage multiple clients or divisions independent of each other, so you ensuring clarity and data protection.

Company logo

Ensure high recognition value by printing your company logo on reports and barcode labels.


FLUDIS is available in German and English. This simplifies the entry and use for international employees as well as customers.

Machine overview

Manage your machines with associated components, respective operating materials and parameter limit values. Print barcode labels for identification and adapt standard labels to your requirements.

Consumption monitoring

Identify leaks and other high lubricant consumption by specifying and monitoring maximum consumption levels. To avoid filling with unsuitable lubricants, limiting the consumables for each individual machine component.

Document management

The central storage of Safety Data Sheets, operating instructions or instructions allows you immediate access to safety-relevant information in the shortest possible time.

Work order planning

Ensure high machine availability through seamless planning and reliable work order processing of all regularly occurring works. Fixed intervals guarantee the automatic creation of upcoming work orders and eliminate time-consuming manual daily planning.

Work order management

Manual work order release enables selective work order control and therefore the bringing forward or deferring of pending work orders. The various statuses give you a quick overview of the processing status of your work orders.

Mobile data collection

Document planned and unplanned work (e.g. coolant service, TRGS measurements, cleaning...) directly at the operation location. The mobile data collection device also provides the service employee with important information, such as the lubricant to be used. In addition, a limit value exceeding is displayed directly after the measured value input.

Own storages

Create any storages and manage your stocks of spare parts and lubricants in it. FLUDIS therefore also supports you enormously in storage management and ensures overview and planning reliability.

Minimum and notification stocks

Structured management of your stocks and monitoring of specified minimum and notification stocks ensure the necessary overview and sufficient quantities of spare parts and lubricants.

Mobile data collection

You can document stock changes such as arrivals, withdrawals or transfers securely and reliably with barcode-supported data collection devices directly at operation location.

Start page (Dashboard)

As a prevention of cost-intensive plant downtimes and production losses, important key information is displayed to you directly after the program start. This overview is customizable and you can focus on the information that is important for you.

Reports / Statistics

Easily generate professional and meaningful reports for cost transparency and decision making. More than 20 standard reports are available, which you can customize with the report designer and export in various formats (e.g. PDF, Excel). If desired, predefined reports can also be generate automatically and sent by e-mail.

Performance-based billing

Store specific prices for performance-based work and generate cost summaries as attachments to your invoices.


The choice is yours: Choose the locally installed software or the cloud variant and use FLUDIS on your Android tablet, iPad, Linux PC or Mac.


Android Handscanner

Mobile data collection devices

In mobile data collection devices, we rely on field-proven devices from well-known manufacturers.


Label printer

Thermal transfer printers with resistant labels are used for printing barcode labels.


Notebooks and additional peripherals 

We are a supplier of an overall solution and therefore we offer you ready-to-use notebooks and surf sticks, among other things. 

Our service

Software-Updates & Support 

Together with FLUDIS we offer you a software maintenance and support contract. This includes the delivery of all software updates as well as personal support by phone, e-mail and remote maintenance.

Buy or rent software and hardware

In addition to purchase, we also offer you the option of monthly and annual rental of software and hardware.

Further development & adjustments

FLUDIS is constantly being further developed in a practice-oriented manner. Specific requirements or interfaces (e.g. to SAP, IBM MAXIMO) are implemented on request.

(Online) training courses and briefings

For a quick and comprehensive introduction to FLUDIS, we offer training online or at your location.


FLUDIS supports processes at the following companies, among others:



DMG Mori

Knorr Bremse












This is why you should choose FLUDIS

Established in the market

FLUDIS is the most functional and comprehensive software system for supporting Fluid Management. For more than 18 years, FLUDIS has been used in various industries by small, medium-sized companies as well as internationally active corporations with over 4500 machines.

Permanent further development

FLUDIS is continuously developed and improved together with our customers. This enables us to achieve a high degree of future security and you are optimally prepared for future demands on your Fluid Management.

Support services

We will help you immediately and competently with questions concerning the installation and use of the software and hardware. Our support team consists of expert IT staff, who are also significantly involved in the further development of the system.

Full cost flexibility

Simply rent FLUDIS and benefit from a lower capital commitment as well as additional services.

Customer-specific adjustments

On request, we create specific interfaces for regular data exchange with external systems such as SAP PM or IBM MAXIMO. In the case of special operational workflows, it is possible to implement appropriate changes to the software system.


FLUDIS operates extremely efficiently, stably and reliably, contributing enormously to a safe production process.

No limits - All securities

The flexible deployment options of FLUDIS ensure its use in almost all IT environments without abandoning or undercutting the elaborated IT security policies. FLUDIS requires no Javascript, no special browsers and no administrative user rights and ensuring so the security of your systems.

You have questions or need more information?
We are at your disposal with pleasure. 



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